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Types of music used and rationales for the use of music in Holocaust education

Music in Holocaust Education – From the Individual to the Universal


Research shows that approximately 4 in 10 lessons/curricula utilize music as a lens through which students can learn about the Holocaust.  

On a “Holocaust-specific” level, music is most often used to demonstrate how victims expressed defiance in the face of their Nazi oppressors, and to present or reinforce historical information about the Holocaust, and to foster an emotional connection between students and victims.  

On a global level, using music in Holocaust studies helps students understand and formulate larger social justice values relative to their own lives. Holocaust/music studies challenge students to confront such issues as persecution of minorities and racism beyond the specific context of the Shoah, helping students develop an appreciation for diversity and tolerance in today's world, thus encouraging students to apply the lessons of the Holocaust to their own lives.

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