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Music in Holocaust Education

This website explores the use of music in Holocaust education, and presents itself as a resource bank of relevant lesson plans and curricula from a variety of sources.


Data from over 100 Holocaust lesson plans and curricula were collected and analyzed through a search of online Holocaust education sites, and survey questions distributed to Holocaust educators in both Jewish and non-Jewish environments. To establish a common set of data results, internet and survey results were both tested against the survey questions regarding genres of music used and the purposes for its use.   The data show that approximately 4 in 10 lessons/curricula utilize music as a lens through which students can learn about the Holocaust.  


On a “Holocaust-specific” level, music is most often used to demonstrate how victims expressed defiance in the face of their Nazi oppressors, to present or reinforce historical information about the Holocaust, and to foster an emotional connection between students and victims.  On a global level, music is frequently used to help students understand and formulate social justice values relative to their own lives, to challenge students to confront issues such as persecution of minorities and racism, and to foster an appreciation for diversity and tolerance beyond the specific context of the Holocaust. 

This website is but a start...and is no doubt incomplete. Over time, I hope to add to the resources on this, encourage site users to send me links to other onine educational resources which utilize music in teaching the Holocaust. 


It is my hope that an increasing awareness of the ways in which music can used to teach the Holocaust will lead to a greater appreciation of its value in teaching the Shoah, and genocide-related studies in general.

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